Mini-thoughts: Galaxy Angel & links

I just finished watching the second-to-last episode of the first season of Galaxy Angel. (Yes, I’m that far behind in watching anime.) How is it that this show is at its most brilliant when it is also being—by far—the stupidest thing ever? I can’t bear to spoil the episode (it’ll probably be my favorite of the first season, unless the last episode is a real knockout), but it easily reaches the level of so incredibly stupid hilarity—much like the episode where the Colonel got drunk and bet that the Angel Brigade could win a game of baseball (robots round out the team, if you happen to know that there are only five members in the A.B.) or else they have to wear negligees.

Yes, it sounds dumb. It is dumb. But it’s also pretty funny to watch go down.

In link-related news, I’ve done a half-assed update of my links page, finally. The links, fortunately, weren’t the part that got shafted; the annotations took the bullet. When I get time and have the inclination (a rare combination, it seems), I’ll see about adding a bit of commentary again—but, at least, you now have a current look at the sites that grace my RSS feeder.

In other link news, TidBITS pointed out a fun flickr stream of photos featuring transparent monitors. Some people got quite creative; I’m not sure that I’d go to all the trouble, myself. Turns out I’m a simple person, and some of those pictures sent my sense of reality for a spin.


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