Notes of mind-blowing importance

Caution: if you’re watching the current season of 24 and haven’t seen Monday’s episode, you might want to skip over the next section.

I’ve never been much of a follower of 24. I’m familiar with the name “Jack Bauer,” I know his daughter is cute but hasn’t always used her head, and I heard something about the President getting assassinated. This season I’ve watched a handful of episodes—but only enough to watch McGill act all crazy-like and to curse at the no-spine new President. Last night’s release of nerve gas at CTU headquarters (watching people drop like flies—literally—was quite eerie) was the first time I’ve ever experienced the clock going silent.

Damn, that’s effective. Damn.

Picked up a cheap copy of God of War today, now that it’s gone Greatest Hits (aka “is cheap”). I haven’t played it yet because Marin’s been working on a project due tomorrow, and the PS2 is oh-so-conveniently located just next to her computer.

I hope to heck I can play it without getting motion-sick. I hear the camera is fixed, which gives me a fighting chance; any time when I’m responsible for controlling the camera ends in tears—the tears you cry after your body has violently rejected the current contents of your stomach.


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