Siberian counterattack

Marin and I just started watching Jubei-chan 2 this evening; boy howdy do I like it so far. There aren’t that many shows that have a serious plot (as in “life and death hangs in the balance,” not “every little detail about this world and story have been thought out”), but are willing to take frequent moments to completely spaz out.

Completely spaz out.

I had totally forgotten about the (literally) sketchy samurai that would appear at the end of each episode of the original series; that Shiro had to give a longwinded introduction of himself before he could do anything; that Jubei had a special Koinosuke whistle.

I had not forgotten about the (brief) fight scenes of the original. This time there appears to be a bigger budget involved, and the fights seem to last a bit longer. Sweet!

The whole thing assumes you’re familiar with the events of the original Jubei-chan, though; there’s no point watching this unless you’ve seen the other first. Both shows have a weird combination of action and offbeat comedy—but once you get used to the flow, it works quite well.


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