Smack deficiency

On Wednesday night I realized, at dance practice (yes, I’m a damn fool—dancing with a sore back), that I’ve had a smack-talk deficiency in my life the last couple years. Used to be that I could lounge in the Strand basement and exchange words with a variety of people on a near-daily basis. Rachel was always good for some verbal repartee; Eric was always game for a bizarre math problem; Nick and Thom were always primed to talk politics (granted, this was mostly back before people started actively hating others who didn’t agree with their viewpoint).

Now the people I see face-to-face most days of the week, outside of my family*, are my coworkers—who are a horribly beaten down bunch with no inclination towards wordsmithery. My mind has, consequently, dulled over the years.

[*My family, along with Brian—and arguably the email from Andy that didn’t involve Mahoro telling you where not to stick it—are the reason I have any wits about me at all.]

My back still twinges from time to time, which is more than enough to make me a cranky person most of the time. (I’m a featherweight when it comes to pain.) I don’t suffer any long-lasting pain (or, even better, numbness) unless I sit in a non-standard position (i.e. so long as I don’t sit the way I normally sit) or take a car ride of any serious length… so it’s not as bad as it might be.

Still, I did miss Lindsey’s St. Patrick’s Day party on Friday because of my back. (Another reason I missed it was because I thought the party was on Saturday. […])

Small progress w.r.t. my harnessing the power of Ruby on Rails: I can now upload files into my program. Woo. At this rate the pundits will be talking about Web 4.0 technology before I get a grip on this AJAX stuff.


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