The haps, yo

I mentioned earlier that I picked up a copy of God of War. I have since played through a bit, and can report that I generally don’t get motion-sick while playing; I do get nauseated, however, if I play while I’m congested. Something about not having fully-functional sinuses puts me over the edge, I guess.

Actually, that happened back with the Metal Gear Solid games, too. Weird.

I can report that I am pretty good at rending limbs from bodies, or upper torsos from lower torsos, or left-sides from right-sides. I also successfully completed the mini-game that will not be mentioned (here) on my first try. This is in Neil’s face, as word has it he failed his first attempt.

Saturday evening was the third and final dance of the term. My dance activity was solidly middling—but that’s OK, as I was also suffering from a stiff/sore lower back at the time. (I’m an old man I’ve been slouching while sitting a bit too much, lately.)

Evening highlight #1: The (ostensibly) crazy old woman with a fur hat and a cane that watched people dance all evening. Janis said that the woman had been hanging around the ballroom stage since 5:00 pm (impressive, when I first learn of her existence sometime after 9:00 pm), and seemed to be confusing the ballroom dance with some cultural event scheduled to happen on Sunday. She never spoke to anyone. (I joked to Janis that she was watching us all engage in sinful activities.) Late in the evening she slowly moved from her position in front of the stage to a seat under a window; even later than that, she got up and started dancing with her cane. It was an odd, cheerful dance; during a foxtrot she started swinging her bag around wildly—still dancing, still cheerful—as she made her way to the exit.

Evening highlight #2: When Lady in Red started up (a night-club two-step), asking Jenny—or as I said, “Lady in red shirt”—to dance. I found it amusing (Jenny less so, but that’s not saying much; I was quite amused), and it made for an entertaining dance to what would otherwise have been a ho-hum song.

Evening highlight #3: Benefitting from others’ pain. My friend Janis had attended dance practices during fall term, but found her grades weren’t quite where she wanted them. This term, then, she decided to skip practices and see if her grades improved… Saturday, she said that they hadn’t. Consequently, she’ll be dancing again next term. Yay!

Today, Brian got a cryptic email from Andy mentioning how he had arrived home this morning to discover naked people in his bed. When Brian told me this, I decided that this was a worthy-enough topic to escalate the communication method to the phone; Andy wasn’t home, however, so we left messages to the effect of “you know what I hate? Coming home to find naked people in my bed! What’s up with that?” on his voicemail. As best as we could guess, Andy’s brother had thrown a party the night before, Andy had been away, and… yeah. Turns out that we were pretty much on the money; the only thing that can be said in the naked peoples’ defense is that there were sleeping bags on top of the bed.

Still, I don’t think I’d take that anywhere near as well as Andy appears to have. I’d definitely side with Brian in having a more “burn the sheets” type of reaction.


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