Catching up

Weekend before last (time flies!), soon after that round of NERF roulette that I mentioned all but in medias res, John introduced Brian and me to a distinctly different card game, Gloom. The object of the game is simple: take control of a bizarre family, and cause them as much misery as you possibly can before giving them an untimely death. (Whoever has the family that has suffered the most misery, by the time that an entire family is dead… er… wins.) The miseries and deaths you can inflict are determined by a deck of cards, and what makes the game really fun is that you have to make up a story about how the event actually went down. (Of course, there are also pleasant events that can occur—but you’ll want to save those to play on your opponents’ characters.)

I was truly blessed (even though Brian was the ultimate victor) to be given the event startled by snakes, which allowed me to make an oh-so-timely reference to motherfuckin’ snakes on a motherfuckin’ plane.

(Fear not; I’m not actually a supporter of SoaP. That said, I’m not actually against it, either—after all, it appears to be the cinema equivalent of fan service.)

Most of last week was spent doing a minimal amount of work (I continue to be humored by the fact that the only real casualty of my automation has been myself), and sleeping an inordinate amount. Terribly exciting stuff, which is why you didn’t hear about it. That, and the act of sleeping generally precludes the act of writing about sleeping.

I have picked up a few more moves in my west coast swing class, though, which has me fired up. Even better is that we’ve broached the topic of breaks in the music (albeit in the last five minutes of class); those things have been the bane of my west-coast dancing career, and I’ll be extraordinarily happy if I get to the point where I can actually follow the flow of the music instead of just the beat.

I’ve continued exercising regularly (!!!), which has unfortunately put me in the position of having watched the three seasons of Galaxy Angel that have been released domestically. (Bandai: release more!) My next round of entertainment is Dokkoida!?, a superhero parody that never really seemed to catch the eye of anime fans. That’s a shame, as pretty much the entire cast (though I could do without Hyacinth and her particular quirk) is quite entertaining. Dr. Marronflower for the win!

In a further attempt to (as Brian would say) collect my feces, I have dedicated myself to get up at 7:00 am during weekdays. (Quiet, you in the peanut gallery!) That means I should have gone to sleep, oh, fifty minutes ago. Hrm.


2 Responses to Catching up

  1. GreyDuck says:

    Oooh, another transparent-card game! I rather liked the last one of those I got to try… of which, of course, I simply cannot remember the name.
    My latest game acquisition is Bang (and, of course, its expansion). Spaghetti-western shootouts as resolved through clever use of guns, horses and beer. It’s a new favorite in our weekly gaming sessions.

  2. Brent says:

    I think you would have sold me on Bang instantly, had you said it had dynamite in it. (That’s the card-game equivalent to NERF Russian Roulette!) Sounds like a fun game; I’ll have to poke around for a copy.


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