…but in a good way. My hopes for the west coast swing II class I’m taking appear to be in the process of being realized, though I confess doubt that I’ll ever be able to display my personality through dancing.

What personality?

The immediate challenge of a new dance class is that I have a roomful of people whose names I should try to remember. The twist is that most of them I’ll only see for two hours, once a week, for ten weeks. (Impossible!) While I was in college, this was a hopeless task; now that I’m out, I have a bit more space in my head (at the expense of actual knowledge) to dedicate to names and faces. I’ve learned that the only way to have half a chance is to pick two or three people to remember each class, and work double-damn hard on keeping those names in your head. Writing down names after class, and reviewing them before class, can help quite a bit as well.

Why go to the trouble? I guess it’s my way of trying to show respect for the other person—because I sure as heck don’t dress up or do anything else for ’em. People really do seem to appreciate it, too.


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