Irrational exuberance

I don’t know what it is about the Prius that I like so much, but it’s pretty much the only vehicle that has half a chance of getting me on stage, dancing around, screaming I… LOVE… THIS… COMPANY CAR!!!!!111one. But I’m not a car nut (I’d be hard-pressed to identify most cars I see around town, and am actually quite happy with the Corolla I currently drive), nor am I a much of an environmentalist. (That said, I’m more than happy to make use of curbside recycling programs and the like; I’m not one to pour battery acid down storm drains, either.)

Maybe it’s the combination of nifty technology—you can’t look at the Prius’ speedometer without envisioning Back to the Future, and the car has a bloody Start button—and the idea of getting more (miles) for less (gas). Most of my driving tends to be of the “poke around town” variety, which plays to the Prius’ strengths especially well.

In reality, though, I’m just a kid staring at a shiny new bike in the department store’s window display. [I’ve been that way since the Prius was first introduced.] The gut feeling is the same: this… this was made for me. And, someday, maybe, it will be mine.


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