Progress check

WORK: I have officially worked myself out of work, barring any required physical changes to the code (and those haven’t come up too often). I’ve even constructed crude robotic automatons to take care of most of the maintenance I do. In short, I’m an idiot.

PHYSICAL: I’ve been exercising more than I’ve ever exercised before, and have combined that with a reduction in the amount of food I eat. Either I’m going to lose weight, or I’m going to die. Odds don’t look good.

MENTAL: I seem to be slowly regaining a sense of humor and overall mirth that has been MIA in the last month. I suspect this is related to the abatement of my lower back pain; I’m such a wuss that any dull, constant pain will pretty much guarantee a sour mood.

TELEVISION: Still watching 24, NCIS, and House. Enjoying them all, though only 24 has mastered the art of leaving you hanging at the end of every episode. This is almost certainly related to the fact that it’s the only show that I watch that has a strong, overarching plot.

GENERAL OBSERVATIONS: I seem to only be able to straighten out one aspect of my life at a time. Now that work is all but clean—and not one moment sooner—I’ve turned to my perpetual lack of physical activity. No clue when I’ll get to start tending to that pesky thing known as my future.


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