That blessed day

Yesterday’s dance practice was quite enjoyable. Though there were a decent number of people present, most of them weren’t the usual folk; for completely unrelated reasons, I actually danced quite a bit as well.

Danced fun west coasts with both Ae-Young and Jenny; Jenny one-upped me with an S by describing herself as doing “swell” after I had stated that I was “well.” I’ve missed Jenny and her sass; she’s been working hard lately (or so she claims), and therefore is too tired to do much in the evenings.

At some point Mike was demonstrating Latin hip movements to some random gal nearby, which quickly degenerated into his shaking his rump at her. He said he’d stop if she spanked him, and then said he’d stop if I spanked him. Neither of us took the bait; boredom eventually put the brakes on his harassment. (Lest you think ill of him for this, know that he was just being a goof—there wasn’t anything sinister about it.)

That’s how I met Adrienne. We hit it off almost immediately, which is a wholly unusual experience for me. (Those of you who know me personally know that I’m not much of a talker, and I’m even less of one when I’m not around familiar faces.) I can count on one hand (okay… maybe two) the number of people who I’ve been able to have a mutually enjoyable conversation with immediately after meeting them—so it’s extremely notable to me when I meet someone like that.

[I’ve long suspected that my general inability to have conversations with random people is due to my crappy memory; conversations tend to be back-and-forth affairs where what one person says triggers something in the other person’s memory. People will say something to me, but my brain drops the ball on associating it with something else to say—I remember things, but I don’t have many good hooks to actually recall those memories.]

So, anyway, I’ve made a new friend. She seems to be a bit of a free spirit in contrast to me—but, then again, most people are.


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