Wii will rock you?

So Nintendo is officially naming their new console… Wii (pronounced “we”)*.

WTF, mate?

People are already scoring points knocking the name (as you could see by reading the discussion linked from the above Ars article): “whoever came up with this one… (wait for it…) must’ve been smokin’ some killer wiid…,” “iiw,” “This makes the ‘MacBook Pro’ look awesome!**”

I mean, wow. What a way to shoot your product in the foot before it even launches. Marketing is supposedly all about “the four Ps:” product, price, place, and promotion. While others seem to believe the Revolution (excuse me) will be the console to nail product and price, I have a hard time imagining that promoting this product will be very easy. Anyone want to come over and check out my new Wii?

[*Or “wee” (as in urine, or the male appendage). Or “wee” (little). Or “oui” (‘yes’ in French). Or “whee” (a noise made while having fun).]

[**Never underestimate the power of a good foil. Never forget, either, that just become one thing is worse than the other, the other isn’t necessarily good.]


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