Back into the swing of things

I’ve been distracted lately, trying to get things done that needed to be done a while back. Most notable among those tasks is an application for an in-town job that sounds like a great match for my skills/knowledge; it’d be a full-time job (huzzah!), and I could keep maintaining my old project after-hours. It’d really be win-win-win (me/new employer/current employer)… now all I have to do is apply. For whatever reason, I’m really bad about getting off of my duff, even when things seem perfect.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Nintendo E3 presentation; despite the name, the rest of the Wii seems like a compelling platform. (Of course, the fact that the Wii should be the only console that isn’t priced sky-high helps to make it compelling…)

And by that, I mean that I think Nintendo has a good chance to smack down both Sony and Microsoft in this next generation. Andy noted, and I agree, that Nintendo was quite deft in releasing the name of its console a couple weeks before E3; their presentation went over much better than it would have if everyone was just starting to choke on “Wii.” (For all Nintendo’s deftness, though, I still think they chose a clunker of a name.)

Despite my video-game talk, I don’t really play video games all that much (I can count the number of hours I’ve played video games in the last month on one hand, and all of that was playing Mario Kart Double Dash with friends). I guess not being a “gamer” doesn’t preclude me from being a fan… It’s quite an odd position to be in, if you think about it. Ex-gamer. Sidelined due to motion sickness and the realization there was more to life than video games. Even if I haven’t blogged like that, recently.

For your surreal and/or hilarious link of the moment, check out a six-minute video on The Evolution of Dance (Link found via kottke). It’s not ballroom dance, so fear not—y’all should be able to identify with this.


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