FedEx of the damned!!

I got my positive reviews, and so I purchased a MacBook to replace my ailing PowerBook. It shipped on the 19th, and was last scanned in Portland on the 22nd. When it failed to arrive that Wednesday, as it was scheduled to, I started making phone calls—FedEx “ran a trace,” and came up short.

I bet somebody stole my computer.

Apple kindly set up another order for a $0 MacBook, which dawdled along until the 27th, when it shipped via FedEx.

It was last scanned a day and a half ago, in Anchorage. I’m starting to wonder if this one will also wind up missing, although I can’t do much about it until after it fails to arrive on its scheduled day.

Next-morning update: FedEx has pulled through; overnight my computer arrived in Portland and was swept to my door. Crazy.

In short, Apple needs to stop putting giant steal me messages on its computer boxes. Something about large product photos clues people in to the value of the contents, I guess.


2 Responses to FedEx of the damned!!

  1. Brian says:


  2. Brent says:

    Yeah, you know: Alaska? (All MacBooks current seem to originate from Suzhou, China, which might address your confusion better.)


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