I cannot speak the names of my hard drives

I’ve been naming my hard drives after anime characters for the last couple years—and would use coinciding icons to spice ’em up. (Of course, names are cheap and icons are scarce, so I usually end up picking icons and naming accordingly.) The problem with this is that many anime icons are difficult to make out and/or just plain ugly when reduced in size.

My favorite historical hard drive names/icons? Chiyo-chan and Osaka. (Chiyo-chan was, of course, the smaller drive.)

While searching around for new icons that didn’t look horrid when scaled down, I stumbled across a set of Keroro Gunso head-only icons. Perfect!

Keroro and Giroro

Only catch is that I can’t say these names without either tripping over my tongue or slowing down to enunciate each syllable carefully. (Maybe it’s just me being stupid; “keh-row-row” just doesn’t sound right to me, and for whatever reason I also tend to slow down when I say “row.” Thus I’m left slowly saying something that feels wrong… and feel dumb for it.) I’m almost tempted to take advantage of the whole Japanese L/R thing and pronounce ’em Kelolo and Gilolo, just because I can say those at full speed.

Tangent: remember the NES game The Adventures of Lolo? I do! I always hated getting shot by a Medusa, because the noise was loud and I—almost certainly—wasn’t expecting it.

I’m going to have to start daily pronunciation exercises or something.


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