Must be getting chilly down there

Circumstantial evidence that things aren’t quite right with the world:

1) When attending the (originally sparsely-attended) west coast swing dance two weekends back, I full-on nailed a break in the music. Last Wednesday I half-hit another break. These events are unprecedented, people! I never stop on breaks!

2) While making a purchase at Best Buy this weekend, I interacted with a cute, friendly, competent cashier. (Is it love?) Usually, if you’re lucky, you can pick two—if not one—of those three.

Circumstantial evidence refuting the above:

1) I played a game of Taboo with friends at Nate’s birthday party this weekend. I was on Team Awesome (with Nate and Nick), playing against Team Queerbo (names picked by Nate, not me!). Team Awesome failed to live up to its title; furthermore, it seems that Nick isn’t really a fan of losing*.

[*I jokingly threw the game at the end, when we needed to get something like ten correct answers to tie the other team, before I realized that Nick really wanted to win. Oops.]

2) My allergies, originally seeming relatively mild this year, have all but knocked my socks off; today was the Worst Day Evar to be my nose. (Shood me dow.)


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