I was walking to my car after my WCS class this evening, accompanied by a friend and follow in the same class. A random lead from the class was walking behind us, not too close—but close enough to hear what we were saying. As we were going along, some guy in what appeared to be a dune buggy with a roll cage drove by. My friend was excited by this bizarre vehicle: Brent! Brent! Buy me one!

I responded: You have a boyfriend; get him to buy you one!

She then told me that she was probably going to break up with her boyfriend (of over four years), because he recently told her that he could never love her.

At this point, the guy walking behind us busts up. Literally doubles over with laughter.

[“I would be that guy,” said Brian when I regaled him with this tale.]

There’s more to the story than that (none of which changes my initial assessment of “well that’s probably a pretty good reason to break up with him”), and I actually feel really bad for her… but, I have to admit, it actually was hilarious.

Who the hell actually dates someone for that long, and then tosses ’em those kinds of lines?

5/20/06 Update: in alterna-world, where I actually told her “well that’s probably a pretty good reason to break up with him” immediately after she told me what her boyfriend said, and the guy walking behind cracked up at my response… Brian would be that guy. My apologies for the confusion.

5/20/06 Update #2: Aw heck, maybe alterna-world is actually the way it really went down. I’ve been seriously sleep-deprived lately, and my memory is even spottier than usual… damn. I’d appreciate my sass if I actually pulled that, though I’d question my ability to regulate what thoughts I vocalize.


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