This sucks. I’m not happy!

The final ballroom dance of the school year is going on right now, and I’m stuck here posting bitterly instead of attending. Stupid cold!

My nose is behaving itself, and my cough has become extremely sporadic. Now, however, my equilibrium is off. I just tried doing the most basic of spins (one of the few spins I can actually do), but wound up horribly off-balance on the final step—struggling, essentially, to stay upright.

A good dancer this will not make me. I fear for my driving as well, or else I’d at least go and watch (like the old days!). Instead, I guess I’ll keep poking away on my MacBook.

Speaking of which: I installed Windows (on a partition on my MacBook) for the first time ever last night. I laughed heartily when I saw that a fresh install of XP (SP 2) left me with forty-five (45!) critical security updates to install.


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