Recovery from my illness has been slow but steady; I still tire easily and am relatively quick to become grumpy, but otherwise am tangentially approaching healthy. I started exercising again yesterday, which says something.

Anyway, some tidbits that I’ve forgotten to mention:

Last Thursday, while I was on the metaphorical (and, ironically, physical) bench during dance class, I watched an extremely entertaining dance done by my instructor and a random guy who breezed in the door, and then breezed out afterwards. (I shall call him The Man With No Name.) The real zinger, though, was that they were dancing to the abomination of music known as My Humps, by the Black-Eyed Peas.

Words cannot express how much I hate that song, nor can they express the anger I feel when its damn repetitive lyrics get stuck in my head and cause me extended periods of pain.

This dance was so much fun to watch, however, that it even overpowered my extreme negative predisposition towards the song being danced to. I didn’t actually believe that was possible—I stand corrected.

Also on Thursday, I received word that Sofie’s boyfriend hopped on the clue train and decided that he loved her after all. Idiot.

…I know I have more, but my brain’s failing me at the moment…


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