Where in the World is Carmen Brentiego?

Carmen’s outdone herself this time: she’s stolen the Reading Room of the British Museum! You must stop her, ACME gumshoes!

House: Bros before hos, man. (What?) Yeah, Carmen watches my show in syndication on USA on Friday nights.

Marin: I asked Carmen a couple questions over the weekend in my struggle to finish my schoolwork. I didn’t see where she was going, though; I kinda had other things on my mind.

Apple Store Employee: Carmen was here this Tuesday, asking about a MacBook that wouldn’t run at its rated speed. I told her that I was impotent, and she would have to call AppleCare. Sucks that she had to drive an hour and a half each way to get that answer, though.

AppleCare Agent: Carmen called me just after she visited the Apple Store. I was (and am) seriously cool, but it seems I too have a defective early MacBook. I’m trying to talk to engineering, but we’ll see how that goes.

Andy: Carmen tried to visit me at my house on Tuesday, but I was out for the evening. I had her feed my cats while she was out there.

Hick: Carmen who? I haven’t seen a car man since the last time I trashed my tractor.


That’s no way to get a promotion, fools!


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