Wherein I mix topics that shouldn’t be mixed

It’s been a totally awesome last couple of days. Sunday evening I noted that my hand tremor was orders of magnitude worse than it generally is, and found myself searching for words and things that I would generally know without any thought at all. My tremor has since subsided to normal levels, but I still don’t feel like my mind has quite gotten back up to speed.

I suspect it’s sleep-related, as I haven’t been sleeping well for the last while. Yay.

Next stop after this: bed.

Laying the sarcasm aside, there was one weekend highlight: on Saturday Brian and I attended the wedding of an old friend, Rose. We found Sarah and Nicole (plus boyfriend, Mike) also in attendance—in addition to (of course) Rose’s delightful family—and enjoyed seeing everyone again. The wedding and reception, as Brian noted afterwards, were typical Rose: classy, yet laid-back. We had never met the groom, Andrew, before, but it was obvious that Rose was truly happy with him—and he with her.

Seeing those kinds of couples makes my heart glad.


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