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More seriously, though, I seem to have lots of buns in ovens (unfortunately thankfully in entirely non-sexual ways) and little inclination to go about taking care of them. That condition can’t last for too long, though.

Most importantly, I’m beginning the process of thinking about moving. This is where I acquire lots of things (vacuum cleaner, anyone?) that are all-too-boring, all-too-expensive, and all-too-necessary for survival. Once a critical mass of goods for self-survival have been amassed, I then put them somewhere else and live there.

The runner-up in use of my conscious thought is my frickin’ MacBook. My AppleCare contact is apparently extremely busy, on vacation, dead at the bottom of a river, or avoiding me. (It’s been a day and a half, so all four possibilities are really quite likely.) I figure I start harassing his voicemail if I don’t hear something back from him tomorrow. Then, when he still refuses to exchange my computer (who’s heard of a 2.0 GHz machine that runs at 1.0 GHz—for any length of time—and is “operating normally”?), I then move on to Apple’s Customer Relations department… and, if they don’t do something, the BBB.

I really don’t like being a pain in the ass to others, but I also really don’t like paying for a lemon of a computer.

And, finally, I really have been just exhausted lately for no good reason. My back started aching last night (ironically within hours of my noting that my back hadn’t been hurting lately) as well, and the one-two punch has been a primary factor in my being curt with others. On the positive side, I have tried out the iTunes radio idea I noted earlier; though I haven’t yet accurately rated my music, I think it’s going to work well. It’s certainly better than plain-old shuffle, if nothing else.


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