Moving on

I, like most of the Pacific Northwest, am critically weak against heat-based attacks. This most-recent string of 100-plus degree Fahrenheit days combined with un-regionally high humidity has been a real drag on my psyche, let alone my productivity. I’ve made it through the nights by sleeping on top of my bed with the fan on, but I know I haven’t actually been sleeping well.

The gears of time pay no heed to the weather, however, and have once again begun to turn. There’s quite a bit happening at the moment—most all related to my rental of an apartment (!) and the subsequent need to buy stuff to fill it with. I don’t even want to think about how I’m going to cart my stuff over there (and we’re only talking about across town—not far at all).

The apartment is brand-new, and word is that it’s been mostly populated with graduate students. (I suppose I’m actually closer to PhD-student age, these days, but hey. […]) Jury’s still out on whether or not grad-student neighbors will be a good thing, though I understand that the general graduate-student lifestyle involves essentially living in your office or lab.

Tomorrow: the joy of getting both electricity to, and insurance for, my new home. Woo.


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