One step forward, one step back

I traded more pointed barbs with AppleCare on Thursday—an experience that left me furious for the rest of the day. That’s nuts, ’cause I just don’t fly off the handle like that—it’s been years since I was last that angry.

I’ve now sent my MacBook in to be diagnosed, based on the argument that I felt my MacBook was slowing down excessively—because, as the representative reiterated, all MacBooks throttle their processor when under load. (Once again: WTF?) I assume, after the latest unpleasantries, that this diagnosis will consist of opening up my MacBook, spitting on it, and sending it back my way.

In happier news, spending my PSP money has finally paid off. The latest version of SNES9xTYL (weird name, I know) is a marked improvement over whatever version I last tried—SNES games are actually playable, finally. Also, last Thursday a version of DevHook was released that allows old PSPs to fake having a more-current firmware: I can play games that require newer firmware than I actually have.

For the first time since I bought my PSP, I can actually emulate—and happily play—NES and SNES games, and still play various PSP games I’ve bought that require newer, non-emulation-compatible, firmware. I was beginning to fear that this day would never come; I’m so glad that it did.

…now if only my MacBook could have as happy an ending…


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