Rising again, like the phoenix

I know the question you all have on your mind: is this blog dead, or what? To answer that, I’ll just point out that a few days ago I spent the bloody time to upgrade my Movable Type install to version 3.31.

My time management skills remain dormant, however—and moving has just exacerbated everything. I’m all but done pulling my stuff out of boxes, though… feeling good about that. I also have (ultra-basic) cable, and high-speed internet, so I’m pretty much set.

I still need to mop the linoleum, though… and it seems that the trains that run next to my apartment knock up a huge amount of dust. I live on the fourth floor of my complex, and the dust has just been huge. (Yes, I’ve been keeping my windows open—looks like I’m going to have to modify that.) Ugh.


2 Responses to Rising again, like the phoenix

  1. GreyDuck says:

    For some reason I briefly read the title as “Retconned again, like The Phoenix.” But maybe that’s the result of too many hours spent this weekend migrating from one webserver to another.
    Welcome back to having broadband at home again!

  2. Brent says:

    Yes, it’s nice to have access to the internet once again. It makes the place less lonely (albeit in a somewhat pathetic sense), if nothing else.
    Congratulations on getting your new server up and running, incidentally; your old one certainly seemed to be giving you frequent headaches. Hope this one works out better.


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