I’m being bought out

The other intrigue of the last week has been the overthrow of my apartment’s current management, Sterling Management, by another group: F.P. Bowman & Company. I don’t know what Sterling did to tick off the building’s owner, but it looks like we lose as a result: office hours have gone to pot, and I suspect that mail hasn’t been arriving—we have indoor mailboxes—because our security-fob-enabled front door is no longer open during reasonable business hours.

I’m just glad that I don’t have any FedEx or UPS packages coming in the near future, until this whole mess gets sorted out. (Actually, I just hope it does get sorted out.)

To pile more intrigue on the fire, yesterday we got another note from our new management about how they were changing their name to IPMG, Inc. effective October 1.

I’m left wondering if there’s a plan somewhere that looks like this:

1) Take over management of a random apartment complex.

2) Change corporate identity.


4) Profit!

I’m not terribly keen on that plan, if it exists, because the profit ostensibly is wrung out of me.

Also reassuring is that the new management’s old website is a shoddy POS that is only accessible via Windows Internet Explorer (seriously, it consists of a handful of text and about three hyperlinks—which totally needs Microsoft-only technology*), and the new management’s new website doesn’t bloody exist.

[*How the hell do people make a living by producing this kind of shit? I mean, damn.]

zOMG I just discovered who’s responsible for these particular crimes against the Internet… and it’s the brother of one of my bosses. Time to not bitch about this at work, I guess.

Ah, the danger of living in a small town.


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