Lies my friends told me

Moving out of your parents’ house is going to frickin’ blow your mind, man. I’m far too boring for that to happen; it’s been more of the same, but in a different place—with a handful of new things to keep track of. More disruptive than living on my own was moving, quite seriously.

Really, the only significant freedom I’ve gained is the freedom to have Brian over without having to first ask if my family would mind. Woo. (Hot chicks could change this—attention, hot chicks!)

Something about peeing without having to shut the bathroom door. My bathrooms (yes, I have two (!)) both all but face big ol’ windows that have a pretty good view of Ninth Street (a fairly major street in town), so this… isn’t really an option.

You’ll notice how awfully quiet it is. The constant parade of friends that come by fundamentally introverted nature of my person hasn’t really noticed this. The first couple days—when I didn’t have internet, cable TV, or any magazines to read—I did feel a bit cut off from the world; now that I have a cable modem, basic cable, and a subscription to US News, I really haven’t noticed/minded the quiet. I guess it helps that my family is still all in the same town, so it’s not like I can’t see them often.

Yeah, I really should have titled this post “Lies Eric told me.” My bad. (In fairness, his observations were from his college years, with his parents in a different state… and he’s a far more interesting person than I am.)

I really am glad I can go home and see my folks and pet my dog and cat, though. While I really don’t want the responsibility of owning a pet (no-pet-clause of my lease notwithstanding), I really do love dogs and cats. My folks are pretty nifty, too.


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  1. Brian says:

    You could totally pee with the door open. Maybe you can see out the window, but it’s not like you’re living in the Panopticon.
    Also: it’s hard to notice how quiet it is when there are freakin’ trains going by all the time. In my case (in Des Moines) it was freakin’ motorcycle jerks going by in the middle of the night. Never got my sound-activated caltrop launcher to work right, either. In your case all you need is a proper derailing wedge.
    Finally, if you haven’t yet experienced the sexy consquences of having your own place, then you have only yourself to blame (or thank; not all sexy consequences are created equal).


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