We totally just had a fire alarm, complete with the ear-piercing shriek of some newfangled alarm system. (As a fellow apartment-dweller lamented, I miss the old fire alarm bells that they had in elementary school.) No word yet on what the cause of the false blaze was, or when my hearing will return.

I (erm) was just getting out of the shower when the alarm hit, so that was lots of fun. Highlights included:

1) “If those sprinklers that are in every room go off, I’m not going to be happy. I’ve got a $4,000 computer in my place,” said Guy A. “But I’m buying insurance, so I guess it’s not that big a deal.” My response: “If those sprinklers go off, I’m going to be paying my insurance bill.”

2) Guy B works at UPS in the evenings, and recommends that you never ship anything via them. Guy A quips “Universal Package Smashers.”

3) When the shrill alarm shut off, the three of us (there was one gal outside, but she didn’t bother chatting, nor joining us) wandered back inside. We met a handful of firefighters who were headed towards the stairs, who we asked (while turning around, since we knew the answer) if we could head back to our rooms. They BSed with us: oh, no! It’s totally not safe! Look at the smoke filling the hallway as we speak!

I have absolutely no regret about missing the false fire alarm events of the dorms.


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