Hey girl!

While walking to Brian’s car this evening, we passed by a group of people standing around and chatting in front of my apartments. One girl decided, apparently on a (drunken?) lark, to walk along the sidewalk (we were walking in the street) and say “hey guys!” to us every time she saw us between parked cars. We laughed and kept walking.

On the way back, we slipped into the garage to avoid letting in unauthorized folk who were hanging around the front door (my concession towards the draconian rules given to me by the apartment managers). The garage (located underneath the building proper) happens to have grate-covered “windows” to allow light in, so we decided to walk around and see if hey guys-girl was still around. I bet Brian that she was probably drunk enough to have forgotten about us.

I bet wrong.

Hey guys-girl was still there, and—upon discovering our renewed presence—delighted in periodically saying her catch-phrase. We (actually, Brian) began returning the favor by saying hey girl! in response, often accompanied by waving.

During this time, an SUV containing a guy and two cat-girls (Halloween, natch) arrived and parked next to us. One of the cat-girls quickly caught onto the game, and “hey guys!”-ed us as well.

I need to hang out outside my apartments more.


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