Catching up

I meant to post this… oh… sixteen days ago. I’m now just starting to get caught up enough with things to feel comfortable posting again. Woo.

December 12, 2006: Etna-Yotsuba

Terrifyingly cute.

Not a Festivus miracle

…but it is something that Charlie Brown might be proud of:

My (tiny) Christmas tree

Humorous/horrifying note: the giant black cable you see plugged into the wall is, in fact, powering my Christmas tree’s lights.

Wii posting

I wouldn’t recommend posting to your blog from your wii when drunk. It’s a total bitch when sober.

ps: first wii post woo.

Take That!

In the midst of my Phoenix Wright binge, I managed to get sick. Knock-the-stuffing-outta-ya runny-nose sick. Not fun at all, but it gave me a decent excuse to continue playing instead of (say) going to work. Or updating my blog.

And now that my body seems to (finally!) have decided that it’s expelled everything it needs to, the rest of my life has started to spontaneously combust. I have lots of fires to put out. Does it matter that I’m still physically exhuasted? Nooooo!

Also: it’s frickin’ cold! (Am I a pansy? Yes.) What other vague, generic whining can I squeeze in here?

So, basically, I’m no longer sick but I have some other things to attend to before I can start spending time typing stuff about my lovely life. The good news is that I have to get some of this stuff done soon. The bad news is that it’s taken me this long, and I am a master procrastinator.

As a mildly humorous peek into how bad things really are, here’s my current news feed status (be sure to pay attention to what’s current, and what’s not):

Keeping up in some areas, falling behind in others

My “anime” folder would be the equivalent of this blog. The other sites would be akin to paying bills, eating, and sleeping. Okay, maybe “sleeping” is more like the “anime” folder.

I look forward to the day when my anime-based RSS feeds are read and my blog is updated more than twice a month—for that will be the day when I’ve re-attained a semblance of balance in my life.


Where have I been, this time? I’m… uh… addicted to Phoenix Wright.

Totally addicted.

There’s a light at the end of my tunnel, as I’m halfway through the fifth and final case. There’s impending darkness beyond the light, however, in that Phoenix Wright: Justice for All is scheduled to be released early next year. I’m going to have to be careful about that, lest another week of my life disappear.

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