I’m a drift racer LOL

So I went to dance practice tonight—by far the best decision I’ve made all day*—which left me in the unfortunate position of being Not At Home when the water on the ground froze.

[*At dance practice I rated Janis’ attempt at improving her samba within the framework of a Guitar Hero score; this was arguably the second-best thing I did all day.]

I only used my antilock brakes once. There was only one low-speed drift, but Reiko would have been proud at how I performed. Which is to say: I drive better in real life than I do in Ridge Racer. [For those in-the-know: I would rate it a solid drift with a mild-type car, or a stellar drift with a normal-type one.]

The streets were littered with the debris of other racers who didn’t make the cut**. I did not join their ranks.

[**Really one fender-bender that took a car’s headlight out—but there were two officers on the scene!]

The sad thing is that both of my ice-related events happened at speeds of under five miles an hour. I made it up to fifteen in the thirty zone, but had no issues with the higher speed. Obvious lesson: drive fast on ice.


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