Blogging Living is hard work

A blog is the Tamagotchi of the twenty-first century. Instead of playing with it, feeding it food, and clearing away its waste (…I never did get that…), you have three options:

1) Feed it interesting posts

2) Feed it crap posts

3) Ignore it

<snarky>MySpace is the result of choosing option (2) repeatedly.</snarky>

The sad thing about a blog is that it doesn’t know when to die. You have to take it back out behind the barn and shoot it yourself—and, being the procrastinator that you probably are, you wait far too long before you do that.

This, however, is also the strength of the blog: it’s not going to up and die on you if you aren’t in the mood for blogging.

If it hasn’t already been apparent, I haven’t had the blogging spirit as of late. When I sit down and try to type something up (which I want to do, dangit), I find my output offensively dry—a litany of the day’s events, without any actual flavor or energy to spice things up. (“Crap posts,” in short.) I curb my swearing when it gets to the point where I offend myself; I apparently treat my blog the same way.

Quite honestly, this is the only place where I actually write anything of any substance nowadays. It’s beginning to show.

In my senior year of high school, my Honors Essay and Inquiry class encouraged us to find joy in writing. We would write each day in a journal, and at the end of each week we’d choose our favorite piece and share it with the others—in many ways, that class reminds me of the fictional ideal of a “college class” more than most of my actual-college experiences do. Most days there would be a seed idea we could base our writing on, but we almost always had the freedom to reject that seed and forge our own path. Today, for example, I might opt to curse my foolishness at attending a west coast swing dance on Saturday without properly building up my west coast swing muscles.

It’s high-time to regain that joy of writing. I’ve lost it over the last year, and I intend to get it back.

That’s actually been true of a lot of my life, lately: I feel like I’ve lost the twinkle in my eye, the spring in my step. (I’m not complaining, mind you—the weird thing is that life is going well right now. I just don’t seem to recognize that on some primitive level.) It’s high time for me to fight to regain my joie de vivre.


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  1. GreyDuck says:

    And it’s a fight, indeed. (Oh, how I know!) Good luck to you!


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