Hot dang! Dreams!

I almost never dream. I also (generally) have a junky memory, make terrible conversation, and am usually the least creative person in the room. My pet theory is that all of these are actually related, as symptoms of my brain lacking in one of two ways: either it sucks at creating pathways between related neurons, or it sucks at actually sending electricity from one neuron to related ones. Either way, firing one neuron doesn’t generally get a rise out of any related neurons, meaning that reliving memories, remembering memories, making conversational leaps from one topic to the next, and putting things together in new ways is a bit more difficult for me.

Think about this: I live with The Awkward Pause every day of my life.

I mention this not to complain, but to highlight the significance of what I’m about to say next: I had three dreams last night.

The first one is lost to the mists of the ages (you might say that I forgot it…), but the other two stuck with me. One featured some sort of bacteria or virus that killed people using the figurative death of a thousand cuts—so many tiny cuts that you bled to death. (I suppose that infection would kill before blood loss, in reality—but reality need not apply!) It was horrifying to watch the entire world fall to this disease; it was terrifying to hole up in my house and hope that death didn’t visit me.

I’d describe it as a combination of Stephen King’s The Stand and the “guilt” virus from the DS/Wii game, Trauma Center. Maybe a bit of the “empty London” scene from 28 Days Later, too.

The other dream had me waking up (in a ground-floor apartment) to see an arab man peeking in my window. When he saw that I was awake, he ran off. Thinking that odd, but otherwise writing it off, I continued with my day… only to learn, later, that a fatwa calling for my death had been issued.

Talk about a downer.

Needless to say, dream-me was paranoid for the rest of my dream-day. Nothing happened, though, beyond me sweating bullets.

(And, no, I have no idea what dream-me did to deserve that.)


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