Amazon MP3 Store After-Action Report

So Amazon announced a “beta” (ha) of its new Digital Music Store, which looks to be the first honest-to-goodness competitor for Apple’s iTunes Music Store. DRM-free, 256 kbps (LAME-encoded, rumor has it) MP3 files for 89 or 99 cents—nice!

I still prefer to buy CDs on sale, because they’ll never give me buyer’s remorse due to encoding bitrates or DRM/legalese (and there is a bit of legalese for Amazon’s MP3s that you should be aware of), but I’d certainly buy any one-off song I like from Amazon.

Pluses: No DRM; easy to buy; encoding sounds good (albeit, to me and my not-terribly-sensitive ears)

Minuses: Terms of service are still restrictive compared to those for a CD; did not improve my taste in music


2 Responses to Amazon MP3 Store After-Action Report

  1. This blog is lonely.
    No updates kills my spirit.
    God is watching you.

  2. Brent says:

    Workin’ on it, Boss. I’ve been burning out on pretty much everything lately; think I’ll feel a lot better once I get a couple things off my back.
    Of course, the things I’m eyeing aren’t quick or easy to do. *sigh*


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