The fate of destruction is the joy of rebirth

[warning incoming stream-of-consciousness post; brent too tired to edit his ramblings]

My life is still in shambles: I have a ton of stuff to do at work, my finances remain opaque to me, I’m still not fully settled into my house. I’ve emerged from a multi-week period of hitting my head against a wall at work, though, and I seem to be able to sleep again. I remain confident I can get my act together, so long as I don’t go batshit-insane from sleep deprivation.

It was looking kinda grim for a while.

Adding to the swirling chaos of my life is a good deal of technological upheaval. My webhost is upgrading their servers; I’m halfway through the process of migrating my files. Confounding my migration is an rsync command that fails to run properly, which has thoroughly mucked up my email. Since I had to set everything up from scratch anyway, I elected to go ahead and upgrade my blog to Movable Type 4; as you can see, that process didn’t exactly go smoothly, either—while the front page looks more-or-less OK, individual entries no longer have comment fields, and monthly archives are, uh, reduced to their very essence.

I’m working on it.

…I’m thinking about working on it.

…It’s on my list of stuff to do. Said list is pretty darn long.

Also, on Friday Apple will release Mac OS X 10.5: time to backup and upgrade my computers! While past OS upgrades have been uneventful, given my recent luck with computer-related tasks I’ve begun to brace for something to go awry.

So, uh, you might say that part of my problem is an inability and/or unwillingness to prioritize certain things over others. (But I want to run the new hotness now!)

The one thing I’ve been handling well is exercise (!): nowdays it seems I watch most of my anime while on my exercise bike. Just finished up Fafner, which started out both horribly generic and confusing (due to characters throwing around technical jargon without any explanation) but grew into something special. I should write more about the show, since I suspect it’s overlooked and it may be going out of print, what with Geneon closing up shop…. We’ll see if I ever get to that.

Finally, Phoenix Wright 3 just came out today. I’m going to lose a week playing that, I’m sure.


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