Layer Tennis

I’m taking my first days off since a day off in late January (and before that, my Japan trip in September 2005) to try and get my affairs in order. Also, I seem to have burned out a bit at work.

No idea why that is.

My great accomplishment for the day is that all the calendars in my house now display the appropriate month. My other great accomplishment is that I recycled all the cans that had taken up residence in my garage. This second accomplishment successfully paid for tonight’s dinner.

My final great accomplishment was scheduled to be the successful defense of another innocent client in Phoenix Wright, but I think I might just go to sleep instead.

One (now extremely old) casualty of my inability to manage my time is that I don’t poke around the web anywhere near as much as I used to. I have four main sites that I visit: Ars Technica, Daring Fireball, DVD Talk, and Cheap Ass Gamer. The latter two, as you might have noticed, are more to find deals on DVDs and video games than to read actual writing. (I still have my RSS feeds, but they’ve become neglected again….)

The exception to my general web-rut is Layer Tennis. Every Friday, two creative web personalities go head-to-head in a game of one-ups-manship, with commentary provided by a third web personality. One person “serves” by sending a Photoshop file to the other, and then a series of fifteen-minute “volleys” take place—each volley somehow playing off of the previous entry. Each round is posted to the Layer Tennis website for people to follow along (navigation is on the right side, underneath the horizontal picture).

The person who serves can prepare the serve in advance; the other person will have the last volley—and thereby the last word.

It’s awkward to explain (I’ve tried before), but I find it fascinating. Of course, that didn’t prevent me from missing last week’s match. Now that I’ve addressed that oversight, I must say that it’s probably my favorite so far.

I know nothing about the people involved in today’s match, but I’ll be tuning in all the same.

Blog: functional

I finally took the time, this evening, to figure out—whereby I mean “just barely grasp”—Movable Type 4’s new template system. I then took the next step (!) and spent some time getting this blog set up properly. Things should no longer look extremely ghetto, and comments have returned. Exciting!

The most fun I had, in case you were wondering, was when I was forced to debug some bundled JavaScript code to allow the comments form to appear. (The second-most fun I had was when I was forced to figure out why the comment form wouldn’t display.)

Earlier this week I was (finally!) able to copy my email from the old server to the new one, so my server move is all but complete. My final task is to determine why I get random errors when securely checking my email… and though I get these errors, I still get my email just fine. Weird.

This server migration may well be the first thing I actually finish in the last couple months. Daaaaaaaaaaamn.

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