(The first rule of December is that you do not post in December.)

I’d say it was love, but she’s way the hell too young for me.

I also mentioned Anonymous to a cute 18-year-old gal during the dance tonight, in response to seeing a V for Vendetta mask. She both understood what I was talking about, and did not shy away as a result.

Brent:a night club two step dance tonight :: Daniel LaRusso:the crane kick that wins the tournament

As I hope every four years, regardless of who wins: I hope the American people made the right choice.

Status report: today my boss informed me that I have rings around my eyes. (Not just under—around.) I looked in the mirror, and she’s right. This may be related to me feeling super-tired the last couple days.

U.S. television stations need more bizarre-creature mascots.

Target is using Domo-kun as its mascot for Halloween 2008. This is the best thing to ever happen to Halloween, in my not-a-fan-of-Halloween eyes.

Wait, they’re remaking Friday the 13th? And it stars Amanda Righetti? That sounds pretty OK, in a totally-not-going-to-be-OK sort of way.

The Mentalist strikes a pretty good balance: Marin watches it for the protagonist, played by Simon Baker, and I watch it for his boss, played by Robin Tunney. (Amanda Righetti doesn’t hurt, either.)

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