I like my postman

He’s what I’d call a postalista. Believes the USPS is the finest delivery service available, and is darn proud to be a part of it.

And, at least around here, he’s right. UPS has been beating the tar out of any packages I get; FedEx has begun to do the same (and FedEx is the only service that’s actually lost one of my packages); DHL is… uh… let’s just say that the last box I got from DHL did not have the cardboard bottom it originally shipped with—instead it had a metric ton of DHL tape. I can’t make any of those complaints about the USPS.

The downside of having a postalista as your mail carrier is that he’ll talk your ear off about some poor fool who sent his passport via UPS, and got stuck not able to go on his vacation because they took over sixteen days to get the package to him and didn’t give a whit about his plight. Beyond that, though, he’ll give you the finest last-leg service you can get. The world would be a much happier place if everybody believed in and enjoyed their job as much as he does his.


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