For the last month I’ve been tracking an elusive bug at work. The durn thing successfully eluded my progressively more determined traps, striking in a manner that was far too standard to not be a bug, but far more random than your run-of-the-mill glitch.

Things got so bad that I was releasing new versions of my program just to add extra error-handling code so I could try and find the bugger.

Today I finally caught and exorcised Moby-Dick, as I had taken to calling the bug. Wholly unsatisfying. Bitter without the sweet. A one-line copy/paste job solved the issue, which turned out to be based more in the human realm and less in code.

The real question is, though: what does Ahab do once he’s caught his whale?

Happy White Day!

Others have wished you a happy Pi Day, but how many people have wished you a happy White Day? I haven’t even seen one.

Then again, I haven’t been looking.

Also, my RSS backlog is now 2300 posts. I long for the simpler ways of bygone days. Perhaps I need to start being selective about the anime blogs I subscribe to, or perhaps I should (I don’t know) read some posts.

Went to a West Coast Swing dance tonight. It was either dance, or sit at home alone… not sure that dancing was the right choice, since I was tired and had no rhythm. I did get to see my delinquent (w.r.t. attending dances) friend Sophie, though, and I always have fun dancing with Emerald… so it wasn’t all bad.

Strawberry 100%

On a whim, I bought the first two volumes of Strawberry 100% a while back, and I finished reading the second one last night. Aside from being typical male fantasy (i.e. somewhat-generic male surrounded by beautiful girls), it struck me of a modern-day Kimagure Orange Road. Guy (albeit with no psychic powers) has two girls in his life—the popular one who’s his girlfriend, and the quiet, *cough*superior*cough*, friend—and can’t choose between them.

And then, at the end of the second volume, the romantic triangle seems mostly resolved. And then and then, a third girl shows up.


Further detail: this manga has a total of 19 volumes. Worried that the series would become a “girl of the week” affair, I read up on it on Wikipedia. Apparently they turn off the new-girl faucet after there are a total of four girls involved. (A love pentagram pentagon is cool, right?) And then I spoiled myself.

In Bizarro Kimagure Orange Road, Kyosuke ends up with Hikaru. Madoka is right next to you, you goddamn idiot!

Suffice to say, I’m not sure what to think of the series right now.

In unrelated end-of-high-school news, I recently heard that the second of my two perpetual high-school crushes has gotten married. Woo.


I finally get on a regular, socially-acceptable sleep schedule… and now Daylight Saving Time arrives to muck it all up.

Curse my defective sniffer

My nose has been… sub-optimal, lately. I’ve been congested beyond the influence of pseudo-pseudaphedrine for the last couple weeks, and in the last couple days it’s started running a bit.

Then, this evening, I started smelling things in the environment that simply weren’t there. Earlier it was skunk (ew). Now? Popcorn.

So it’s quitting time at work…

My boss, who’s a bit younger than me, wanders around to see if I’m staying late. Specifically, she asks if she can “leave like a ninja.”

I size her up, and then tell her that she doesn’t have the skills to be a ninja. There’s a guffaw from the peanut gallery.

She, in turn, tells a story about a time when she and a friend decided to be ninjas and spy on a mutual friend, despite wearing white sweaters. My head hits the desk at the mention of their outfits.

She leaves a few minutes later, and the security system beeps as she opens the door—as it does every time the door is opened. I comment to my cubicle-neighbor, See? She didn’t leave like a ninja.

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