Strawberry 100%

On a whim, I bought the first two volumes of Strawberry 100% a while back, and I finished reading the second one last night. Aside from being typical male fantasy (i.e. somewhat-generic male surrounded by beautiful girls), it struck me of a modern-day Kimagure Orange Road. Guy (albeit with no psychic powers) has two girls in his life—the popular one who’s his girlfriend, and the quiet, *cough*superior*cough*, friend—and can’t choose between them.

And then, at the end of the second volume, the romantic triangle seems mostly resolved. And then and then, a third girl shows up.


Further detail: this manga has a total of 19 volumes. Worried that the series would become a “girl of the week” affair, I read up on it on Wikipedia. Apparently they turn off the new-girl faucet after there are a total of four girls involved. (A love pentagram pentagon is cool, right?) And then I spoiled myself.

In Bizarro Kimagure Orange Road, Kyosuke ends up with Hikaru. Madoka is right next to you, you goddamn idiot!

Suffice to say, I’m not sure what to think of the series right now.

In unrelated end-of-high-school news, I recently heard that the second of my two perpetual high-school crushes has gotten married. Woo.


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