A few good videos

I’m back to my old ways of having eight things to do at once… and ignoring them all. Woo. While I continue to stick my fingers in my ears and sing LALALALALA, here are two things that kept me entertained:

Horrible People: a ten-episode, five-minutes-per-episode soap opera that takes everything I hate about soap operas and makes them awesome. This was originally released once a week, and I think it makes sense to watch the first few episodes to see if you like the show, and then watch the rest once a day—otherwise the next episode previews and recaps start to be overwhelming.

As a counterpoint, Nate noted that just because something is deliberately bad does not make it good. I suppose the show is an acquired (bad) taste.

The Office (Japan version): much less of an acquired taste, though a passing familiarity with the American version of The Office is required. (I’ve seen an episode or two, and that was enough to enjoy this.)


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