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Since I was feeling extremely lazy over the long weekend, I made it my mission to take down my anime RSS feed backlog. It spilled over into today, but I now swear I will not sleep until my feeds are all caught up.

At worst, I had just over 3,000 unread posts staring me in the face. I currently stand at 135 posts, with another 312 sitting in my purgatory (do I keep or trash this feed?) folder. (No, I did not read every one of those posts; for episode-summary blogs, I found that reading the first two episode impressions and then skimming the final episode impression gave me all the information I really needed. For a 26 episode series, that saved me some serious time.)

I don’t know that I’ve ever been a clean Type A or Type B personality*—back in my day, there was no gray-ground Type C nonsense—but the presence of these feeds was like a little weight on the back of my mind, one of many little unfinished tasks constantly irritating me.

[*introspection results: when well-rested, I tend to be Type B. When not well-rested, I tend more towards Type A. Regardless of my level of rest, I tend to project Type B vibes and have certain areas where—reasonably or not—I am Type A.]

I did read some (pseudo?) scientific thing, back in the day, that elected to divide us into neat-freaks and messy types by whether or not we made our bed every day. By that measure, I’m a neat freak. In practice, I like having things in their place—but everything tends to have a nice layer of dust on it.

Enough trying to categorize myself. Onward to victory!

11:14pm update: Holy poop, I’m done. I secretly feared that I would never get that cleaned out—a fear not wholly unjustified, given my recent tendency to not do anything.


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