that was different

I danced a fair bit this evening, with a wide variety of follows. That in and of itself wasn’t novel, though it is certainly unusual. (T_T)

What was different was that a follow/friend fainted after dancing with me. Well, like, five minutes after. Right as we were leaving the dance practice.

Apparently my first thought (not said) when someone randomly falls to the floor is quit screwing around.

In my defense, she’s far too young to be falling to the ground for real. (Of course, it was for real. […]) She claimed it was a lack of water and pushing herself too hard the last couple days, but I dunno. I did walk her home, so at least she didn’t collapse somewhere on campus.

I keep finding these weird videos, lately. The most-recent one also fits the title of this post: high-speed film of people getting punched in the face. I can’t tear myself away.


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