Blog Version 2.5

So I finally sat down today and hacked out the new “feature” I’ve been wanting to add to this blog—the one that I hope will get me posting more frequently. I had been wanting to pair it with a revised design, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards anytime soon. That’s OK, though; I’m still fond of this setup.

The new feature? The ability to have mini-blog posts. Something like the reclusive, anti-social little brother of Twitter. Upside is that I should have better reliability than Twitter seems to be having; downside is that I don’t get any of the nifty-cool-spiffo social networking features—including my personal favorite, the ability to have @person conversations. Comments will have to suffice.

I’m still wary of this whole “social web” thing. My internal Admiral Ackbar continues to cry it’s a trap!

I haven’t had time to dig through the RSS feeds, either, so for now anyone reading via RSS will be doomed to a potential glut of mini-posts. Sometime in the future I’ll get around to setting up a real-post-only feed (contents: sound of crickets), but that’ll probably be around the time I get around to updating my layout.


2 Responses to Blog Version 2.5

  1. GreyDuck says:

    Well, there IS something to be said for an outlet that’s more reliable than Twitter. Then again, most politicians are more reliable than Twitter, lately…

  2. Brent says:



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