Vienna Teng

My mom frequently played Jim Croce on the stereo when I was little. So much so, in fact, that I now associate his songs with the peace and warmth of being a little kid safe at home.

Late last year I found another artist who evokes similar feelings in me: Vienna Teng. I’ve clumsily described her music as “home-y,” as in music that makes a place feel like home, and her first two CDs (the third hasn’t done as much for me) have quickly become some of my most treasured.

And while I don’t have the guts that Greyduck does to record myself extolling the virtues of her music, I can link to several live performances of a few of my favorite songs. While these renditions fall short (in my opinion) of the CD versions [some of which are in rotation on her website], I’d argue that the music still speaks for itself much more eloquently than I could:


Homecoming (Walter’s Song)

Lullabye for a Stormy Night


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