On Brian’s advice, a few weeks ago I poked around Movable Type’s options and tried to figure out a better system to keep spam out. I settled on trying out the “trusted commenters” option, which should allow people who have previously commented (since I marked them as “trusted”) to keep commenting without issue—and anyone else who wants to comment should just need to be approved by me once before having free access.

The keyword there, of course, is should. GreyDuck’s recent comment just got auto-moderated, so I obviously need to do more tinkering before things run smoothly. If they ever run smoothly. I hope they do.

But! That’s the current status of comments around here. If you comment and don’t see immediate results, I apologize—and I’ll keep working to get my spam settings sorted out. And, perhaps, one glorious day in the future, we’ll be able to make snarky comments unencumbered by links for cialis jug porn.


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