I started the new year by sleeping in, and then watching three episodes of Azumanga Daioh on my iPod touch while lying in bed. After eating breakfast and showering, I then took a three hour nap.

Oh, I’m doing just great.

Now that I’ve actually been awake for more than two consecutive hours, I’ve started in on various housekeeping tasks: swapping my 2008 Hayate calendar for a 2009 Higurashi one, moving my email into a “2008” folder, and I’ve just started in on cleaning out my browser bookmarks.

I have over ten years of bookmarks. I don’t think I’ve ever bothered cleaning them out.

That is just one front in a much larger war, though: I have too much stuff on my computer, and too much stuff in my life. Too much weight on my body, as well. All this stuff, regardless of form, just serves to slow me down and makes it harder to get to the stuff I really want… it’s high time to change things.

(I’m not going to the “Steve Jobs sitting by himself in the middle of an empty room” extreme, though. I like having things; I just don’t need everything I’ve accumulated over the years.)


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