Dream Log

Last night I dreamt that I was the President of the United States. As such, I was deeply concerned about why there were so many butlers, and not enough maids.

The “president” bit I’m pretty sure came from a hilarious eroge preview I stumbled upon last night, for My Girlfriend is the President (SFW). My best guess about the “maid” bit is that it’s from episode 22 of Shuffle!—featuring a throwaway maid fanservice scene—that I watched while exercising yesterday morning.

The Shuffle bit isn’t that important, but you really should watch the other. It features an english movie-preview-guy voiceover (!), that gives great lines such as The President… is my childhood friend.

My left shoulder is killing me tonight, for no apparent reason. Tomorrow morning it will either be fine, or paralyzed. (I’m kinda hoping for paralysis—just so I get some moderately cool story in exchange for my suffering.)

Hypothesis: the first day back at work, after a week off, will be a long, long day.

Also, this Tuesday I realized that I’m spending all my time watching the (good) leads and almost entirely ignoring the follows. I must be doing this wrong.

Plantar fasciitis has kept me from dancing this summer, so I’ve been watching from the sidelines like olden days. Turns out the old days weren’t so good.


Watched the premiere of Glee this evening. The show certainly lives up to its title.

You could argue that this or that is lacking (and I’m not arguing that it’s perfect)—but the comedy is biting, the music is catchy, and the show just puts the big ol’ grin on my face. I have a hard time asking for anything more.

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