Thar be a troll on Amazon

Comedy gold at Amazon this evening. They’re running some sort of wishlist sweepstakes, and the prizes this week are for a dream kitchen: a range/refrigerator/dishwasher, a mixer, things like that.

Then you scroll down to the discussion, where you find this gem of a thread: Why is this sweepstakes only for women? Tellingly, the OP is marked as “not adding to the discussion.”

It’s mostly kitchen stuff, I mean…for real?

There’s then the predictable barrage of responses: “This ain’t the 50s anymore. I’m a guy and cook nearly everyday,” “Since when is a $3,300 espresso machine only for women? Moron,” “As a male, I happen to really enjoy cooking, and would really enjoy getting a new appliance or two in my kitchen,” “Some of us women have moved on to the business world, and let you guys do the cooking!” (cringe), “Thanks to all the guys who spoke up! Men who cook are uber!,” and so on. The OP’s next post is also buried:

My bad, I guess I should have said for women and the gays.

I never thought I’d see people interacting with their very first internet troll. (PS: 7 of 68 people thought this second comment added to the discussion.)


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