Shit happened

Random guy rear-ended me earlier tonight, while I was stopped waiting for pedestrians to cross the street (I wanted to turn right, and they were crossing the street I wanted to turn into). He pulled over momentarily (?), and then drove off.

So I got to call 911, and had three (!) officers respond. That was complete overkill, as the collision wasn’t terribly high-speed—I heard the squeal of brakes before I felt the impact—and the damage looks mostly minor and cosmetic (crossing my fingers about that). I’m fine, as far as I can tell (still crossing my fingers).

The best part about being in an accident near campus on Halloween? Your witnesses are a drunk chicken and a drunk penguin.

The second-best part? You arrive at the party you were headed to, and after muttering something about being rear-ended a couple of your friends are all like THAT WAS YOU? Sounds like they were the ones crossing the street.


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