Assorted thoughts

I could post all these as demi-tweets, but too many of those in a row start getting old. Not to mention that, under the current design, the page would appear perforated.

I am so close to not being lame (as Sarah puts it) that I can hardly stand it. The last two days my plantar fasciitis has been pain-free, save for the discomfort caused by my arch support insert sliding forward in my shoe and putting my heel in an uncomfortable half-supported position. Next term I should be able to dance again, instead of standing impotently on the sidelines while everyone else dances.

These days when I get bored, instead of drooling on myself in front of the computer like I’ve historically done, I figure I might as well hop on the elliptical and actually exercise. This is a totally unprecedented thought process for me.

In general, I only seem to be able to focus on one aspect of my life at any time—anything else is vaguely annoying and secondary. School and work were traditional areas of focus back in the day; currently—as you might guess from the above—it’s exercising. It’s a weird sort of anti-multitasking; quite productive for what I’m focusing on, but a raw deal for everything else.

Tonight at dance practice Barry and I impressed a small crowd by spontaneously singing along with Lady in Red. Pretty sure we’re a shoo-in for a record deal (March 2004, nevar forget).

I recently finished watching Kenichi: the show is hugely entertaining, save for the motivation of the “final” opponent (air quotes because the manga continues beyond the anime). In many ways it’s a stereotypical shounen manga story: guy works hard, is true to his principles and his friends, and through that manages to overcome adversity. (Also: blasts of power and multi-episode battles. Thankfully, though, Kenichi kept those to a minimum.) I find myself appreciating those shounen morality staples more than I probably should for someone of my age—they feel lacking from what I see of modern US culture.

Today’s drama at work was an overflowing toilet and the valiant efforts of three brave souls to stop the carnage and clean up the mess. One of the three was my office manager, who reports that afterwards she stormed into The Boss’ office and raged for a while—only to have him laughing so hard he cried. Finest response, IMO.


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